At the core of our team at Business Intelli, we have been the authors of many tools and tricks to provide addition functionality to our ‘beloved’ DataStage. This technology is built to operate outside of the IBM product source code, yet perform complex commands that empowers Information Server resources without the need for the skills of veteran personnel. Bottom line, operate key functions of managing operations with regular business personnel. Saving money by simplifying important tasks.Our latest is based on years of code to provide an automation engine applied to a full range of tasks.

TOP COP – The Operation Platform for Configuration, Optimization and Performance.

  1. Admin (Top Cop Admin) – Automate tasks normally performed by your System Administrator.

Security Management

User/Group Management

Suite/Component Role Management

Environment Management

Project Management

Connectivity Management

Configuration Management




Configuration files


Performance (Top Cop Collector & Top Cop Optimizer)

Today’s largest configurations of Information Server (including even small sites) expect to navigate large amounts of disparate data, located in a multitude of servers, and complex transformations.  In order to improve the performance of those data flows, our engine performs two key operations, collect a full suite of log information from every point available and convert that into reoccurring logic that improves the recommendation of high performance with each interval of data collected.  These proprietary steps give TOP COP the edge our customers need.  This allows customers to shrink the size of their existing hardware or increase the amount of data processed in the same time frame.