Business Intelli Products and Services

Business Intelli Products and Services

Business Intelli Solutions Incorporated is a strategic solution consulting firm with complete expertise in Technology Solutions, Managed Consulting, and Resourcing.

Technology Solutions

As companies struggle with diminishing margins, fast-moving technology, and customer experience organizations are forced to make the most of the technology available to them.

Business Intelli provides the management consulting and services to make sure you are maximizing your business strategy, staying focused on your business while maintaining a competitive edge.

Our Services include the following:

  • Custom Application Development
  • E-commerce Strategy and Solutions
  • Portals & Collaboration
  • Analytics & Information Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Staff Resourcing
  • Our Clients expect nothing but the best and to provide the best our team aligns resources and technology to fulfill the overall business strategy of our customers.
  • Besides providing the technology and resources we also deliver top notch Management Consulting Services, such as Strategy, Transformation, Technology and Software Selection, Program and Project Management

Six Benefits of Partnering with Business Intelli Solutions

  •  Focus on business strategy
  •  Tap Economics of Scale
  •  Reduced Downtime
  •  Reduced Operating Costs
  •  On Demand Resources
  •  Productivity Improvement
  •  Accessibility to highly specialized Talent

IT Staffing & Resourcing

Staffing will always be a necessary component in a dynamic environment and managed services.Business Intelli has been providing IT Staffing and Resourcing since 2006; our clients benefit by being able to meet the requirements at a particular time. Our promise is this: For each job requirement, our team will present two to three qualified resources within one week, at least one of which you will want to bring on board. As we continue to meet our promise we hope you give us the opportunity to deliver on that promise for you!